5 Ways to Craft Attention-Grabbing Stories for Your Presentation So You’ll Effectively Share Your Message

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When it comes to storytelling, it’s not just about telling events.

It’s about making your audience feel something special.

Stories help you connect to your audience on an emotional level.

That’s why it’s important to do effective storytelling.

This helps your presentation become exciting and engaging.

Apply these 5 ways on how to craft attention-grabbing stories.

1. Start the Story from the Middle of the End

Telling a story in a straight line is not very exciting.

An amazing story moves in a non-linear way.

Remember your favourite movies or books where it started from the highest tension then followed by a flashback?

In this same way, your audience anticipates what happens next to your story.

You’ll hook their attention from the start to the end.

2. Highlight the Problems in the Story

Every great story has a problem at its core.

Your audience can connect on an emotional level if they hear stories that overcome challenges.

People relate to these experiences as they can remember their struggles as well.

To make a relevant story, research the common problems or struggles they face.

For example, you’ll deliver a presentation for career-oriented women who are also mothers.

Include in your story the challenge of balancing time between their work and taking care of their children.

3. Use Dialogue to Present Your Characters from the Stories

Stories shouldn’t be told like a boring list.

The characters in your story should have a dialogue.

Try to mimic the characters you’re talking about including their tone and gestures.

Using dialogue in your story will make your story fun and exciting.

For instance, you recalled a story in your childhood about a good friend.

Speak in a child-like voice and move around the stage with a playful attitude.

4. Show and Don’t Just Tell

Don’t just tell your audience what happened.

Show them by describing scenes, actions, and emotions in your story.

Engage with their senses so your audience will tap into their imagination.

You can do this through visuals, sound, or even tangible props.

This makes your story more memorable.

To illustrate, you may tell a story of a great baker from your childhood.

He is well-loved because of his tasty bread.

You may show a video of freshly baked bread from the entire baking process.

You may also describe how soft, how hot, and how delicious those breads are as you excitedly take your bite.

5. Keep Your Story Interesting and Concise

Although details are important in storytelling, don’t add unnecessary ones.

Be mindful of the limited time you have in your presentation.

Keep your story concise and interesting by including the key points.

Make sure your story has the structure, problem, resolution, characters, and lessons.

If you want to tell a story from a movie you watched, it doesn’t have to be an hour long.

Summarise the main points of the movie that are relevant for your audience.

These tips will help you craft attention-grabbing stories that stick with your audience.

Engaging stories are your way to your audience’s heart as you deliver your presentation.

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