3 Reasons Why Repetition Can Make You A Powerful Speaker

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Have you ever noticed how catchy slogans burrow into your brain?

Or have you caught yourself humming that jingle to a laundry detergent?

Repetition might feel cheesy in everyday conversations.

But as a speaker, it can be an immensely powerful tool.

Here are 3 reasons why repetition can make you a powerful speaker:

1. Repetition emphasises importance

Repetition helps emphasise key points you want your audience to remember.

By repeating important phrases and concepts. . .

You signal to your audience that these are the takeaways they should focus on.

A great example of this is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

He uses this phrase to emphasise his central message of equality.

And created a powerful rhythm that resonated with millions of people.

Source: LinkedIn

2. There’s a rhythm to repetition

Repeating keywords or phrases adds a rhythmic quality to your speech.

Not only does it offer a smooth way to move forward.

It also makes it sound more pleasant to listen to and easier to follow for your audience.

By using similar sentence structures. . .

You create a predictable pattern that your audience can recognise.

Like how they normally would as if it were the chorus to their favourite song.

3. Anticipation leads to audience participation

Our brains crave a sense of completion.

If you set up a repeated call-and-response line or a rhyming phrase pattern. . .

The audience subconsciously starts predicting the next words.

Their brains engage more actively, waiting for the “Aha!” moment.

Until the full picture of your speech finally clicks into place.

For example, in his 2008 victory speech. . .

Barack Obama uses the phrase “Yes, we can!” as a strategic call-and-response.

It was so effective that not only did the crowd chant with him.

This phrase also ended up becoming his official slogan.

Source: changefactory.com.au

Repeat Key Phrases Without Sounding Like A Broken Record

Incorporating repetition into your speeches can make your presentation impactful.

This ensures that your message effectively resonates with your audience.

Think of it as weaving Calls to Action throughout your speech.

Where you slowly build motivation until the end of your presentation.

Do it with intention and conviction.

And you can be well on your way to becoming a truly powerful speaker.

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